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Every day approximately 1.4 million pads are thrown away 2.5 million tampons 700,000 panty liners.  These disposable products take between 300 to 500 years to decompose!


That is a legacy that we do not want to pass on to future generations.

Our history

Ecologicasec is an Ecuadorian brand that was born in 2019 together with Karen and Paula Delgado, two sisters  Cuenca, with the aim of facilitating access to menstrual hygiene products and ecological diapers, as well as educate women and  parents  on the importance of menstrual education and sustainable hygiene.

From the age of 12, Paula had her first menstruation which was always accompanied by allergies, infections and menstrual pain ; this generated in her a negative perception about menstruation. Until in 2018, together with Karen, they met ecological towels and a menstrual cup , their lives took a turn  180 degrees.

With the use of these products they realized that great  part of her discomfort was caused by the use of disposable pads and tampons.


In Ecuador, the concept "sustainable menstruation" is still a subject of great ignorance , so we decided to create Ecologicasec, in order to give a  answer to a  problem that many women experience, it has been a challenge to change the perception that many people have about menstruation and sustainable hygiene.




We work to be more sustainable and reduce the environmental impact in

each process.


We are committed to caring for the environment, the health of women and children; and the

family savings.


Each of our processes are  transparent and clear.

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Our goal is to leave a legacy for future generations. That women, girls and boys receive menstrual education and sustainable hygiene.

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